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Cedar Lake Area

Our project at the east end of Cedar Lake adjacent to Interstate 380 is mostly completed. Dead brush and trees along I-380 have been removed and replaced with native plants. This steep hillside was difficult for our contractor but taking out dead trees is a big improvement. After two years of establishment (perhaps 2003). We will look at adding trees and native bushes to this site.

Our work is designed to complement the work that the City of Cedar Rapids and Connect CR is doing to develop Cedar Lake into a great new park and commons area for Cedar Rapids residents and visitors to enjoy.

The “Pollinator Mix” developed by The ION Exchange covers the project area.  Eye 380 will assume financial responsibility for the site in two years.

Map of the Work Area (outlined in YELLOW left of center) 

Aerial view of Cedar Lake area

Before Clearing Work (October 2017)

Before clean up at Cedar Lake Before clean up at Cedar Lake Before clean up at Cedar Lake


After Clearing Work (August 2018)

After clean up at Cedar Lake


Pollinator Mix — for pollination by native bees:

Big Bluestem
Indian Grass
Prairie Brome
Little Bluestem
Sideoats Grama
Golden Alexanders
Blue Vervain
Black-eyed Susan
Purple Prairie Clover
Hoary Vervain
Swamp Milkweed
Butterfly Milkweed
Prairie Blazingstar
Dense Blazingstar
Wild Bergamot
New England Aster
Showy Goldenrod
Anise Hyssop
Common Milkweed
Blue Wild Indigo
White Wild Indigo
Tall Coreopsis
Pale Purple Coneflower
Purple Coneflower
Rattlesnake Master
Cream Gentian
Great St. John’s Wort
Evening Primose
Wild Quinine
Royal Catchyfly