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EYE380.org -- beautifying the corridor with landscape plantings
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We Need Your Financial Support

Several years ago, Eye 380 volunteers developed a master plan for landscaping along the Interstate 380 corridor through Cedar Rapids and Hiawatha. In 2013, thanks to individual and business financial support, we completed two planting sites north of the Wilson Ave. SW interchange. The sites incorporate colorful plantings designed to echo the stylistic rolling hills and farm fields featured commonly in Grant Wood paintings.

Now we are seeking contributions for maintenance of our four existing landscaping sites, one site currently under construction near Cedar Lake and development of a new project near 32nd St. NE which will be less formal than the Wilson landscaping, with emphasis on native plants and low maintenance.

We are actively pursuing grant funding but need community support from individuals and companies to help pay for development costs and maintenance of these I-380 enhancement sites.  Please consider donations of any amount.

Together we can help beautify our "main street" and build a stronger sense of pride for our community. Click on the upper left guide for information on contributions.  Please contact us with further questions. Thanks for your help.

-Eye 380 Committee

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Eye 380 enhances the appearance of the Cedar Rapids-Hiawatha-Marion metropolitan area by establishing and maintaining colorful landscape plantings at Interstate Highway interchange sites. Eye 380 works in partnership with community agencies, local governments, nonprofit organizations and the Iowa Department of Transportation to promote pride in our metropolitan community.

(We meet on the first Wednesday, 4 p.m., Trees Forever, 80 W. 8th Ave., Marion)

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Our Beautification Project

It takes a lot of time, planning, processes and resources to beautify parts of our community. Please peruse this article to see some of the pictures and details of what we do.  Click on the Photo Album above for a full tour of our pilot project.

Planted in 2008 with a grant from Iowa Department of Transportation, this design offers a cheerful Linn County greeting to drivers as they pass Boyson Road in Hiawatha. Landscaper Eric Shepley designed the project based on concepts from Kirkwood Community College horticulture students. Easily seen when heading north or south, the planting of hardy landscape plantings was completed for $37,000, including two years of maintenance.

Once plants become established, upkeep becomes the responsibility of Eye 380.  Advisers tell us that annual maintenance per site could run as high as $3,000, depending on weather conditions.  We need community financial support to fulfill our obligations.  We depend upon people like you to join in the beautification of Cedar Rapids.  Interstate 380 is the first impression of our community for many visitors.  And a pleasant I-380 environment will enhance our trips, too.



Hiawatha planing schematic

I-380 Kirkwood/Rt. 30 Exit PDF Print E-mail
Our Beautification Project

Our plantings at the Kirkwood/Highway 30 exit are completed. We envision it as a “bookend” to the project in Hiawatha, as well as a welcome to Cedar Rapids. Former Kirkwood landscape design student Diane Hoefer created the Kirkwood layout as an honors project. Native plant species were selected to be low-mow, salt tolerant and not interfere with sightlines. 

With completion of the Kirkwood site, Eye 380 was challenged to create a master plan for other plantings along Interstate 380 in the metro area.  The master plan was completed in 2012. In conjunction with the new "Grant Wood" rest stop south of Cedar Rapids, we may include a similar art theme where feasible.  Our goal is to proceed carefully and within the bounds of fiscal obligations.

Under requirements of the Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT), application for grants must be made by a public body.  For the Boyson project, the application was made by the City of Hiawatha.  On Oct. 12, 2010, the Cedar Rapids City Council formally approved the Kirkwood exit planning and application.

This program is a wonderful example of public/private partnershiip.  Future maintenance costs will be the responsibility of Eye 380 supporters.  There are roadside improvement programs in Iowa for both small and large communities.  Grants come from a fund designated for these specific uses.  


Kirkwood diagram

star Shows the beautification site.


Eye 380 "Drivers"

Our Donors support a better looking I-380; let's support them.

Our Donors

-Anderson Financial Services
-Barbara Hughes, In Memory of S.G. Platt and Ralph E. Hughes
-Christiane and Serdar Tas, In Memory of Barbara Boesenberg
-CRST International (via Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation)
-Dale and Helen Kueter
-Dakota Red Corporation
-Dave Wright Nissan/Subaru
-Frank and Geraldine Kintzle
-Gail and Paul Williams
-Hall & Hall Engineers
-Harry & Lola Crain
-Highway Equipment Company
-In memory of Rebecca Shawver
-Inspirations Salon & Spa
-James and Priscilla Caviness
-Jeffrey and Diane Hoefer
-Joel Duffy, In Memory of William J. Duffy
-Joyce Goldsberry
-King’s Materials
-Mary and Tony Chicchelly
-McGrath Automotive Group (via Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation)
-McGrath Automotive Group Corporate Donor-Advised Fund
-Robert and Susan Pinchotti
-Randy and Joan Butler
-Randy Kuehl Honda
-Scott Olson
-Sridip and Karen Mukhopadhyaya
-Thea Lavon Leslie
-U of Iowa Community Credit Union
-Van Meter Company

-Walmart Foundation
-Our operations are partially supported by a Hotel-Motel Tax Fund grant from the City of Cedar Rapids

In-Kind Donors

-Trees Forever
-Hall & Hall Engineers, Inc.
-John Paul Schafer, Artist
-Rapids Reproductions
-Ruth Fox, Landscape Architect


-Trees Forever
-Iowa DOT
-Iowa Living Roadway Trust Fund
-City of Cedar Rapids
-City of Hiawatha


-ISU Extension
-Cedar Rapids Visual Arts Commission